My name is Caitlin, welcome to my blog!!!

I’m a stay at home mom to a beautiful spunky sweet handful of a two year old, we will simply call her ‘C’. She is exhausting, a bit trying some times – but smart as a whip, the most caring child I’ve ever met, and hilarious and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! Being a mom has turned into my #1 thing in my life and it’s even more incredible to me for 2 reasons.

1) I am the 1 in 8. I’ve struggled with infertility for my entire adult life. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and was told my getting pregnant would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

2) I had a massive brainstem stroke 3 weeks post partum that was sure to leave me dead or locked in. But again, I beat some crappy odds and here I am, alive and ‘well’ with the coolest daughter ever.

Recently we have made another big adjustment in our crazy life. C’ s big sister ‘K’ has been a more permanent fixture in our home. She just turned 9 & much like C is a ball of energy, funny, loving and as 99% of girls are, sassy as all get out sometimes. So I’ve gone from considering myself disabled SAHM of 1 to disabled SAHM of 2!

Being a stay at home mom was always a dream but never a plan. Up until I had C I’ve always always always worked either a full time job, a mirage of jobs adding up to at least fulltime or the extreme of when did I even sleep? The stroke left me unable to work, with some disabilities that I’ve had to adjust to. Not being able to work has been an adjustment in itself. I get through the hard days by trying to find the good in a situation that should have killed me.

This blog will have elements of all of these in it. I call this blog ‘metamorphosis: everything changes’ because that is basically what’s happening in my world. Everything has changed and continues to change, and to quote Greys Anatomy, ‘the carousel never stops turning’.

Thanks for stopping by