This week my kids don’t like me.. and I finally got over it. 

I think I knew going into motherhood that I would hear things like ‘mean mommy’ ‘I don’t like you’ and even ‘I hate you’, but that doesn’t mean my heart was prepared for the first time it happened. And I definitely didn’t expect both kids to basically pull it in the same week for the first time. However, its been a couple days and I’ve regrouped.

K came first. She got mad because I told her off for jumping around upstairs. Next thing I know I heard her sobbing that she didn’t feel like she had a mom anymore and that she was always getting in trouble for things she didn’t do. Blah blah blah. Im fully aware days later that the first thing I should have thought, was shes a 9 year old DRAMA QUEEN. Nonetheless, this stung. I love the girls more than life, and I do just about everything in my power for them to know that – as most moms do. And I do so with even more difficulty because more often than not I do not feel well, have no energy, and am an emotional bundle of nerves because I have emotional lability. The girls aren’t old enough to understand this yet, K tries, but just like the rest of the world easily forgets because I ‘look healthy’.

A few days later, all I want to do is make my bed and put away some laundry. This ordinary task unfortunately takes me an extra adult and an hour or so to complete. My youngest says she wants to color, so I gave her a book and crayons and asked her to sit in the doorway. 5 minutes later, ‘I done, I wanna go downstairs’. Apparently her world came crashing down in the moments after when I told her I wasn’t finished and she would have to wait a little longer.. The world ended. Total meltdown began. During which she asks me ‘mommy you mad at me?!’ I told her no but must have at some point told her she was making me upset acting this way. This then lead into an hour of at times frantic sobs saying ‘I don’t like mommy!!!’ And even when my mom or her older sister tried calming her and telling her it wasn’t nice and she was hurting mommy’s feelings, she stood by it.

I was a blubbering mess. I sat downstairs and sobbed with K trying to make me feel better. Desperately calling my best friend and blubbering into the phone about this new awful development. Surely I’ve broken my child.

I didn’t. She finally came downstairs, climbed in my lap, kissed my head and smiled like it hadn’t happened.

C told her grandpa that night that mommy was yelling and I was crying and I didn’t like it and mommy was mad at me so I didn’t like her. 3 year old logic right there. So at the end of the day I realize, I didn’t break my kid. Either of them. They both got over it. C essentially forgot about it.

There will be days when I’m an evil seawitch, and days when I’m their favorite person. I’m sure more of these days are in my future. Everyone I’ve talked to has said ‘it’s normal’ or ‘she doesn’t understand what she needs to say’, and my favorite, ‘it hurts you more than it hurts them, just don’t let them see that’. So much easier said than done.

But the good news – I’m over it. Another week of motherhood has been conquered, I didn’t do anything to ruin them (yet, lol). I learned from it and will hopefully be able to handle it the inevitable next time. They don’t hate us. They simply don’t like how they feel in that moment. And since we are always here and the constant in life, we are the ones that get the brunt of it.

So I’ll end this post with a bit of wisdom – if your children don’t like you from time to time, keep up the good work.


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